Our pricing is simple

We charge a percentage-based fee each time you accept a
credit or debit card payment.

2.9% + 30¢

per successful card charge

We will deliver a free credit and debit card reader to you.
Get rid of bank terminals and fees.
No setup, monthly or licensing fees.
Reception Included
Reception is the first mobile Hotel Property Management System (PMS). Once you download it you no longer need a desk, a computer, bank terminal, backups, notes or reminders. It is all done instantly in one single place.
Channel manager Included
Real time integration with all your sales channels. Say goodbye to overbookings by keeping all the channels up to date and grow your sales by exposing your hotel inventory to more sales channels.
Cashier Included
Cashier is a flexible point-of-sale app for your iPad. Designed with hospitality in mind Cashier is ideal for your restaurant, bar, shop and all other services your hotel has to offer.
Housekeeping Included
Handle all the housekeeping operations without any extra efforts, all the while maintaining a perpetual impression on your guests.
Reports Included
Make smarter decisions by knowing your business better. Get to know your guests through demographics, gender, spending habits and how often they are coming back.
Payments 2.9% + 30¢
Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express for the same rate from Reception and Cashier apps. We deposit funds from payments in your bank account in one to two business days.



We can create custom pricing packages for hotels with revenues over $1m a year. If that's you, get in touch we'll even review your current statement with you.


Accept Payments through your iPad

We will provide you with a Credit and Debit Card Reader for FREE, which will transform your iPad into a Mobile Bank Payments Terminal. Allowing you to take payments from anywhere within your property.


Send invoices straight from your app to your guests’ inboxes. Allowing them to pay securely with a few clicks.

Attach card

Our system stores securely credit/debit card details for your guests. Charge them at the tap of a button saving time at checkout.


Any type of Tax can be created by you in the system. Detailed reports are then available showing your net profits.


You can issue partial or full refunds from the Dashboard. When you refund a transaction, the fees you originally paid to accept the payment are automatically refunded to you.


Disputed payments, such as chargebacks, will incur a $15.00 fee. If the customer’s bank resolves the dispute in your favor, then the fee is fully refunded.

Simplify how your property operates.

Create an account in a few easy steps.