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We provide a strong, robust platform that helps you manage your hotel exactly how you want. Small, medium, boutique or chain hotels - we're completely flexible to your needs.


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Visit the Register page and start your registration process. Enter your personal and hotel information as well as the taxes that apply to your property and you are set for the next stage.

These basic details will allow the software to run and manage the hotel for you even at this stage. Don’t forget, the quality of the data you enter only helps you manage better your hotel and guests.


Set up the room types and room number per each type as well as respective pricing that you wish to have and market. The rate plans are very flexible and easy and can be modified at any given moment.

The rate plans will be later integrated in all channel managers so please make sure that you know beforehand which rate plans you will assign to which channel.


Add more value to your rooms and services by creating Packages whether by segments or seasons. Packages will allow to address better your target market as well as evaluate what is perceived as added value.

You can assign packages to a single or multiple rooms. Packages are a great tool that allow you to combine in one: services and pricing.


Enter your bank account details to start accepting payments and any additional taxes that apply to your property to start making your hotel operational. Decide and assign roles (i.e. Reception, Managers… etc) within your team and respective access rights.

Each member of staff will have specific rights in accordance with the role you have assigned them. These rights can be modified by you only at any time.


Make your hotel inventory available immediately across all your channels. Any changes will be automatically reflected in all the channels that you have decided to connect to.

Likewise, any bookings coming from your channels will automatically reflect in the Softmogul platform and will not be part of the available channel inventory until released by customer. Channel Management has never been easier.


Make the best use of more than a dozen of reports that have already been prepared for you. You will have a full dashboard at all times showing you real time the performance of your hotel.

You will also have access to more detailed analytics in all departments (financial, marketing, sales and customer service). You may also create additional reports for any specific item that you need to keep track of.


On your iPad

Download Reception from the App Store. Log in as administrator and you will see automatically all the Reception users that you have already created in your dashboard in the Softmogul platform.

All the users will be able to simultaneously make use of the app and serve the guests. You may download the app on as many iPads as you wish to use as your front desk.


Checking in is easier than ever before. You may check in customers that have booked through booking channels, those that have called in before as well as any walk in. If you wish to initiate any check in, simply press and hold on the room number.

To make any changes such as room type or room number press and drag to the desired room type and date. All the info of the guest will move automatically to the new reservation; hence no additional information will be required to enter.

Keep note of everything

Reception allows you to personalize the stay of each guest to detail. You may modify the packages they get, pricing, discounts as well as attach notes and reminders to each guest.

These changes will be reflected immediately on the screen of every user. Your guest’s data will be stored for you to have at other check in dates and make the whole process even easier to handle.

Easier life

This is another tool that will enable you to be as flexible as you can get with your guests. If they wish to change their room in the middle of their stay, you may quickly split they reservation between two or more rooms.

Similarly, you may split a reservation between rooms with different rate plans if guests later in their stay are joined in by other family members for example.

Quick and effective

At check-out, you are able to get payments from your guests by any method they wish to deploy, from simple card payment to split payments between cash and credit card or ‘by service’ payment.

You may also get paid online by a third party by simply sending the invoice by email. At any point in time your guest can also receive their detailed invoice by email if they wish to.



Get an overview of what’s happening at your hotel.


In depth analytics on your hotel performance and guests' demographics.

Drag & Drop

Moving guests to different rooms is as easy as drag & drop.

Split reservations

Assign more then one room to a reservation within seconds.

Scan ID

For a fast check-in, scan your guests' ID document from your iPad’s camera.


Improve your guests' experience by creating value added packages.


Get notice of every customer need and assign them easily to a room or a guest.


Set reminders and never miss a guest's request again.

Attach card

Your guests’ card details are stored to be used again in the future.

Channel Manager

Connect all your sales channels in one place and eliminate over bookings.


Set up and apply flexible discounts to customers and rooms.


Create and keep track of your taxes.

Card payments

Accept all credit and debit card payments and have a flat rate for the major ones.

Online payments

Send invoices through e-mail and your guests can pay online.

Split payment methods

Accept more then one payment method in one transaction.

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